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07 March 2007 @ 11:16 am
Ignored LJ for a month. Er. Am a heathen. ...Have some music to make up for it?

:: Neon Bible (zipped album, la) - Arcade Fire. A new release, even. What larks. I'd upload Funeral, too, if my computer hadn't eaten my iTunes library (hard-drive crashing bastard that it is).
:: Hangin' on the Line, The Places You'll Call Home, Oceans in the Hall, In December, Song for the Ending Day - The Ladybug Transistor. Oh, c'mon, how can you not download music from a band with that name? Not new stuff, but I like them and don't think many people have heard of them. Good fun.
:: Sly - The Cat Empire. Yes, the one last_radio mentioned, recently. This may have just been released to the US. I don't know. I'm out of the loop like that.
:: Chemical Sunset - White Willow. Norwegian art rock, according to my good friend, Wikipedia. I heard this song, bought the album on a whim, and was disappointed, overall. I do really like this one, though, if not so much the rest of it. If anyone does want the whole album (Storm Season), I'll be happy to upload it. :D

According to people more knowledgeable than myself (read: music snobs), I should have bought Sacrament and not Storm Season as it's meant to be some sort of masterpiece. When I listened to clips from it, though...well, it sounded like some bizarre combination of very sad royal minstrels and those cheesy songs that electronic keyboards are preprogrammed to play. It could just be that I'm a philistine, but really. Sad royal minstrels? It was a turn off. (I got a new tag out of it, though, which pleases me more than it ought to. Hee hee.)

As soon as I get back home this weekend, I'll have a $15 iTunes card to burn. Any suggestions on what I should buy? I am young and impressionable, mold me, etc. (I also did not previously know that Siren was a genre. Kate Bush, you have expanded my world view.) Ahah. Not a genre; just me being silly.

Am not getting notifications for comments that off of my journal page. So none for other people's journals. Er. Can anyone tell me what I've bollocksed up this time? My ability to do so is infinite and ever-changing. I can't keep up with it. :/

Also: OMG, Black Donnelleys. (Is it just me or do Kevin and Tommy slash themselves? Not that I don't completely love their characters aside from that (they are both such sneaky bitches!), but really. "Take off your clothes." I swear, before I got involved with the HP fandom, I wouldn't have seen two brothers sledge-hammering a dead body together and thought "Oh, yeah. UST." >.>)

Also also: These half-hour long, nothing-to-say-to-each-other phone calls from my mother are getting unbearable. I'm not sure how we'll handle each other over the break, but at least now things are only incredibly awkward instead of being outright hostile. I don't know why everything about coming out to family members has to be so dramatic. I've never seen my mother act so self-centered or histrionic before, and, honestly? That was two months ago. Now it's just getting ridiculous. /whining (trailingoff, I hope you're doing alright?)
Rwanderlight on March 10th, 2007 08:48 pm (UTC)
Mmm, I know. It's so -- I don't know, it's just the perfect spring album. It shouts out sunlight and joy, and now I sound stupid, so I'll stop.

Hee. *cackles* I am secretly attempting to subvert music genres, don't tell anyone! :DD